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Trusted Partners


Inner Element is independently owned, operating out of

a shared space with other licensed massage therapists. 

Alex Hicks

Alex specializes in deep tissue massage and Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release. Getting to watch people grow and being a facilitator of that change is what drives her. Alex loves helping others, and believe that everyone deserves care.

Delphine 2024.png
Delphine Deflandre

Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach & Mentor

Delphine is a holistic practitioner with a big heart, who will guide you on the path of your soul, in the rediscovery of your sacred skills.

Her knowledge, experience, clairvoyance and the various professional tools she has developed over the course of her life and soul journey will enable you to move forward with serenity on your Sacred path.

Kate Fortin

Kate intuitively finds and relieves areas of tension using a variety of tools and techniques including but not limited to hot stones, cupping, Ashiatsu, and Reiki.  Kate also believes in the importance of the connection between mind-body-spirit and offers Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy for those interested in healing on a deeper soul level.

Rebka Tesfaye

Rebka Tesfaye works with Body consciousness through energy and body healing modalities to help people move from stressed and anxious to rested and regulated. Rebka uses Reiki, Yin Breath Work, CranioSacral, sound and guided meditation. 

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