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Inner Element Massage Therapy Virginia Beach

Grateful to Get to Do What I Love

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Thank you for checking out my business and allowing me to introduce myself!

I am so grateful to get to do what I love, here is my story:

I received my first massage at about 20 years old in college, to write a paper about it regarding stress management. Now, I grew up in a family that hugged and certainly was no stranger to loving/caring touch, but the experience I had during that first massage was so profound, it literally brought a tear to my eye during the session. It moved me. It was a feeling/experience I thought would be amazing to be able to give people.

Fast forward 6-7 years and I find myself at a professional crossroads. The company I work for doing safety and environmental work for approaches me inviting me to join their management team. Which is what I would have done had it not been for a random conversation with a coworker at a boss of ours going away party. He told me that he wasted a lot of his life pursuing jobs that if he stopped to really consider them he knew he didn't want them. In that moment, the rest of my life changed course. I really didn't want to be a manager for this company and when I asked myself what it was that I really wanted to do, massage was the strong and immediate answer.


After researching massage schools in the whole state of WI, I found Blue Sky School of Professional Massage. I will not explain here, but I will say that there was a highly spiritual element to my choice of school. The world that opened up to me was not unlike Neo waking up from the Matrix. It changed everything. The school was 2 hours away, and I continued working full time, so I went part time and took me 2 years to complete it.

Graduated from massage school in 2005, practiced out of my home for 2 years for friends and family, and their referrals (while still doing my safety work). In 2007 I started Inner Element. I rented a small room out of a chiropractor's office. After 2 years, I upgraded to a nicer room out of the office that was twice as big. Two years after that, in 2011, I leased my own office space about a block away. I had 2 treatment rooms and rented to other therapists.

By 2015 I had a well-established, full-time practice, with rental space to other therapists. But I will tell you a secret, WI is cold. I shut down my practice in search of warmer weather. I had never heard of Virginia Beach and it was one of a few random places I went to check out. I fell in love with VB the minute I drove in. The A.R.E. was the first thing I found on Trip Advisor to go check out, I was blown away. I had never heard of Edgar Cayce before that day. When I heard some commotion on the street below my hotel room later that evening, and looked down and saw a guy juggling fire, it was a done deal, I found home.

I was fortunate financially to be able to take the first few years off after moving to the beach. I had worked 2 full time jobs at the same time, or went to school and worked a full time job, most of my adult life. It was time to change that pace and enjoy life a bit. 

I reopened Inner Element in 2018 in VB, but only for 6 months. It wasn't the right location or time for me, so I closed it and did what I never thought I would do, I went to work for Massage Envy. Started rebuilding my personal practice again in 2021, left Massage Envy in 2022, and am happy to again be full time focused on Inner Element. 

There are a lot of things about this work that I do, but when I get down to the heart of the matter, I do this work to try to give people the same experience that I felt that very first time

I hope to see you soon and I hope that you enjoy your session.

Allen Musch

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