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Energy Healing

Energy Work

You are energy.

Much of what I do is connect with your higher self, set intentions, channel energy and relax enough to allow the work you most need to come through as intuition.


The energy work I do is in tandem with bodywork, not as a separate session.

Energy work is a natural and always present element of all bodywork. Much of what I do is connect with your higher self, set intentions, channel energy and relax enough to allow the work you most need to come through as intuition. Visualizing healing blue light and spinning your merkaba often are also utilized. The energy work I do is in tandem with bodywork, not as a separate session.

You are energy. Extending just a few feet around your body is an electromagnetic field that flows in the shape of a merkaba (a sacred symbol that is Inner Element’s logo). Given that during the session we will be in each other’s energy field, there will absolutely be an energy exchange. To ignore this exchange is leave the effect of it up to chance, and to miss a healing opportunity. Most energy workers offer these sessions separate from bodywork, some never even physically touch the body during an energy session. There are advantages to this, but I have found that actively doing energy work, while doing body work, has been effective and my preferred way.

Where better to receive energy work than Virginia Beach? Virginia Beach is the home of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for the Research of Enlightenment), and is a very special place energetically.


I DON’T do Reiki. I am trained in it but have chosen not to offer or receive this work. I have no less than a dozen friends who offer it, I am happy to refer anyone looking specifically for this work.


Apart from energy directly from Source, or God, nothing else gets called in. I see many mediums and energy workers calling in angels, and such, into their work. There is a problem with this. When you call for an angel, you knock on the door where other things exist as well. Those other things can answer. I will not call in energy where unwanted things exist. This is simply my preference, based on my past experiences. 


I do not give you my energy. That would not only drain me, but it would teach you to be dependent on me for it. Even channeling energy from source, I do sparingly, as it does not teach you to channel it yourself. One aspect of the energy work that I do could best be described as clearing away what is blocking conscious access to the light and energy within you already. Think of me as someone clearing and cleaning whatever is not allowing you access to your own energy and true self, as opposed to plugging you into some energy source outside of you. 


You have everything you need inside you already. Whether we are talking about physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing, YOU do the healing. ‘Healers’ are simply guides to take you to the healing door inside yourself. It is always up to the individual to walk through that door, no one can do it for you. No one can truly heal anyone but themself. Ok, so how do I take you to this door?


Firstly, I set the space as a sacred healing space. I burn palo santo at the beginning of each day, which raises the vibration of the space, provides energetic protection, and brings a deeper connection to the divine source. You may notice I don’t wear shoes in the treatment room. This is one of the things I do as a gesture to show deep respect for the space and work i’m about to do. (Please note: you do not need to remove your shoes before entering the treatment room.) 


I previously mentioned your electromagnetic field, which is the shape of a merkaba, around you. This is considered a vehicle of ascension designed to transition you into your light body and assist you in gaining higher levels of conscious awareness. I spin the upper and lower aspects of your merkaba in opposite directions with the intention of allowing for it to activate if you are ready.


I talk to muscles. Occasionally, when I feel called to, I will take my consciousness down to the tissue level of the muscle and start to ask questions. I have found that muscles, like people, often just want to be heard. When I ask muscles questions like “what’s wrong?” or “what happened?”, after a moment I often get strong feelings or emotions. I will be with that muscle as long as it has something to say. Many times, this simple practice has caused a release in the muscle that I could not offer with physical manipulation alone. 


I often use visualization of light, typically blue or white depending which is needed, on a muscle I am working on. There are a variety of ways I will visualize uncovering the light within you. Occasionally, there may be an aspect of re-igniting a fire within you. I have found this to be a good way to stoke your fire and light, without depleting my own, as a fire loses nothing by lighting another.


Releasing emotional trauma, removing unwanted attachments, and clearing this kind of debris can sit heavy in a space that isn’t regularly cleared itself. At the end of each work day I will run a selenite wand physically over the massage table and headrest, as well as sage the treatment room and lobby. This cleans the room of what has been cleaned off clients, so it doesn’t find a new home in myself or another client. 


I have a number of strong spiritual protective measures in place for both you and myself. I won't offer details of what those are, so they remain as effective as possible. 


Lastly I would like to say, this is the aspect of what I do that most interests me, I am focused on developing, and gets upgraded the most often. Oddly, it is also the part that most clients are typically completely unaware. 

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