Allen offers a signature style of massage that incorporates:

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy 

Swedish massage 

Energy work 

Aromatic science 

that is both therapeutic and relaxing, and addresses the whole person


mind - body - spirit


Graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage - 2005

Established Inner Element - 2007

UWSP BS Dietetics - 2012

Back Massage


PNMT is a science and research based method of treating each individual client as effectively as possible. It's goal is to work as precisely as possible at the most effective pressure to reestablish a healthy neuromuscular reboot and activation. It's uniqueness comes from how carefully each muscle is worked separately, and because of this precision, a lower pressure is needed than other therapies, thereby not needing clients to "recover" from the massage.

Reiki Treatment


Energy work is a natural and always present element of all bodywork. A level II Reiki Practitioner, but much of what I do is connect with your higher self, set intentions, channel and relax enough to allow the work you most need to come through as intuition. Visualizing healing blue light and spinning your merkaba often are also utilized. The energy work I do is in tandem with bodywork, not as a separate session.

Essential Oils


Beyond simple aromatherapy. I have had a lot of success with working with clients with a variety situations. Essential oils are used in every massage based on your intentions for the session, what I have identified will be helpful from speaking with you, and from what I find during the session. You will never be charged an "add on" for the use of oils during your sessions.

  60 min   $60

  90 min   $90

120 min   $120

Online booking requires a 24 hr advanced notice. Text for same day availability.    Monday:          10 am - 8 pm

Tuesday:          10 am - 8 pm

Wednesday:               closed

Thursday:                    closed

Friday:                         closed

Saturday:          10 am - 8 pm

Sunday:            3 pm - 8 pm



Inner Element operates independently with other massage practices at

1213 Laskin Rd, Suite 104
Virginia Beach, 23451


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